Big Hex - Scotland's Climbing Challenge - Rules

Big Hex - Scotland's Climbing Challenge
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1. The challenge will be completed within a designated time period. Participants can chose to complete within 3 time categories, 36 hours (6336), 48 Hours (6348) or 72 hours (6372).

2. The routes will be completed from designated start and finish locations, and the routes will be the designated routes described. No deviation from these routes will be accepted.

3. The time to complete the challenge will be judged to be the accumulated time for each of the three mountain ranges, from the agreed starting point to the agreed finishing point. Travelling time between each area will not be included in the total time HOWEVER; the time taken between the start and finish of ALL 3 mountain routes will NOT exceed the selected category time of 36, 48 or 72 hours.

4. Each party will consist of 2 persons.

5. Each party must prove to Big Hex that they will be suitably equipped for each route and they must complete the Big Hex disclaimer prior to allocation of a start time.

6. Each party must commit to raising a minimum of £250.00 for the Big Hex Challenge for the benefit of The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland.

7. Each party must pay the £20.00 entrance fee when the application is accepted and a start time is agreed. This entrance fee will form part of the £250.00 committed fund raising total and will go towards MRCofS.

8. Start times may be changed to accommodate changes in participants’ circumstances or availability however the £20.00 entrance fee is not refundable.

9. All declared times will be taken on the word of each participant and logged as such. However, any participant who is found to have knowingly falsified or concocted completion times will be disqualified from the challenge and forfeit their deposit. This is a challenge for a great cause, not a vessel for advertising your flagging ego. We rely on your honesty.

10. Care and consideration of the environment is of the utmost importance. Each mountain range, route and all surrounding areas must be treated with extreme care to avoid litter, damage and erosion. At Big Hex, we reserve the right to disqualify any participants who are deemed to have littered, damaged or caused any unavoidable erosion to any of the paths or routes on each of the mountains.

11. A disclaimer must be signed by each participant and returned to Big Hex, accepting the risks they are undertaking and that in participating in the Big Hex Challenge, they accept all responsibility of the dangers involved.

12. Participants may elect to also raise funds for any other charity of choice so long as the committed figure of £250.00 per party is raised and goes towards MRCofS.

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